Gate content using any token.

A fundamentally new paradigm for digital content. Create NFT access passes and generate secret links that only token holders can access.

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Turn any online content into exclusive rewards

Create an NFT

Turn content into collectibles. Only the holders can access the content.

NFT creation

Gate links
with any token.

Generate secret links from any website or app that only token holders can access.

Link creation

Developer Docs.

Widgets and APIs to integrate token gating and minting for your community, brand, or marketplace.

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Token gate any link from websites & apps

Host your content anywhere and generate a secret link that only your NFT or social token holders can access. You can gate your personal website or content hosted elsewhere such as Youtube and SoundCloud.

See What MintGate Can Do for You!

Browse through the different use cases for token access

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Make your content fun and exclusive

Create digital passes and tickets to your exclusive content. MintGate gives you new possibilities for content monetization. It allows you to turn any content from platforms such as Youtube or your personal blog into a secret link that only holders of a specific token can access. Don't have a token? No problem - you can create a digital collectible card, an NFT that unlocks a secret link.


From the big picture to your purpose.

Explore these three ways to integrate with MintGate.

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Generate your own Community Page

Create your own community page that lists your tokens and gated content. No code and fast to setup!

Integrate MintGate into a Website or App

Utilize our APIs to power customized token-specific access on your website or app. Create new platforms using MintGate!

More Integrations Coming Soon

Stay in touch as we develop new API endpoints and widgets for token access. Do you need any specific solution? Tell us about it!

What people say about MintGate

  • Marq
    Marq 馃嚚馃嚟馃嚦馃嚤

    Easiest tool to get started with token gated access is @mintgate_io they are defining this new space that will dethrone substack and creator leeching intermediaries.
    Try it out, thank me later!

    8:27 PM 路 Mar 20, 2021

  • Jonah

    projects like @mintgate_io are in line to become the "people's publishers," our relied upon "trust locales," and other purveyors of traditionally "institutional services," amidst a fundamentally new paradigm for human coordination.

    7:02 PM 路 Feb 21, 2021

  • Blazar Force
    Blazar Force

    Token communities can use @mintgate_io to create secret links that restrict access and only let your ERC-20 holders of a set amount in or holders of a specific #NFT, called a TokenGate. A great utility for any sort of crypto communit

    4:44 AM 路 Feb 19, 2021

  • Harrison First
    Harrison $First

    Going to try out @mintgate_io amazing technology and live stream another session today at 3pm EST for those who have 400 $FIRST or more.

    12:37 PM 路 Feb 15, 2021

  • UniWhales DAO
    UniWhales DAO

    ...we use @mintgate_io for token-gated access to content. They also allow have a social token creator. Check em out 馃槈

    4:44 AM 路 Feb 19, 2021

  • Connie Digital

    @mintgate_io 馃攼 Really dig Token Protected Pages with #NFT access.

    2:37 AM 路 Feb 19, 2021